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Olivier Eches


As a Ph.D. student, I am also an assistant lecturer with the Departments Telecommunications & Networks and Electronic and Signal Processing of the INP-ENSEEIHT engineer school , Toulouse (France). I am involved in the teaching of the following courses at an undergraduate level:

Probability and Statistics Practical Sessions

  • Discrete and continuous random variables
  • Parametric estimation
  • Hypothesis tests and Confidence intervals

Signal Processing project

  • Electrocardiogram signals analysis (noise filtering, QRS complex detection, lost samples recovery with Papoulis-Gerchberg algorithm,...)
  • SAR image segmentation (Multiedge detector)

Signal Processing Practical Sessions

  • Sampling and Quantification
  • Correlation and spectra

Digital Signal Processing Practical Sessions

  • FIR Filters
  • IIR Filters